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Hernajam Rating:

Rated by "10" people.

More about "Antaral"
Directed By :

Deepa Basnet

Produced By :

B.B Basnet, Dr. Laxmi Kanta Pandey

Release Dates :

May 17, 2013


Antaral is 2013 Nepali movie directed by a female director Deepa Basnet and produced by B.B Basnet and Dr. Laxmi Kanta Pandey.

The movie shows the flow of time, how much and which way the objectives of four young boys go to meet their aim. This is the life, whoever doesn’t lose their esteem can do everything. The movie clearly reveals the various destinations of life, with and without any vision.

What Else About "Antaral":

Antaral is a hit movie of the year 2013. Deepa Basnet is the first director to direct two Nepali movies (Antaral, Shree 5 Ambare). The movie succeed to win different National awards like: Best Direction(2013 A.D), Jury Award(2071), Debut Director(2070), Debut Actress(2071).

The movie is a simple comedy that flows in a very natural way, tells the friendship of four guys- Kamalikant (Kamal Mani Nepali), Lekhak (Lokendra Lekhak), Rhythm (Manav Subedi) and Ghanu (Ghanu Bhai Joshi). As each of the individual faces different kind of challenge to run their life, they  are brought together to live in a room. The movie shows the difficulties of people from different parts of the country to live a student life in Kathmandu and their different desire, commonly to do something inside the country.

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