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Bato Muniko Phool 2

Hernajam Rating:

Rated by "10" people.

More about "Bato Muniko Phool 2"
Directed By :

Subarna Thapa

Produced By :

Yash Kumar

Release Dates :

Apr 22, 2016


“Bato Muniko Phool 2” movie is the sequel of “Bato Muniko Phool”. As like first movie, this movie also shows love story and caste discrimination which is prevailing in Nepal. The movie has been produced by Yash Kumar and directed by Subarna Thapa. Starring cast of the movie are Dilip Raymajhi, Reecha Sharma, Yash Kumar, Babu Bogati, Ashishma Nakarmi and Reema Bishwokarma.

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