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Hernajam Rating:

Rated by "10" people.

More about "Chhadke"
Directed By :

Nigam Shrestha

Produced By :

Madhav Wagle and Narendra Maharjan

Release Dates :

Feb 22, 2013


Chhadke is a Nepalese action thriller movie, which is believed to be a gangster cinema has a star-cast that includes Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Namrata Shrestha, Madankrishna Shrestha, Haribansha Acharya, Arpan Thapa and launches Robin Tamang (of Robin and the new revolution).

What Else About "Chhadke":

This movie was one of the hit movie of the year 2013. It succeed to drag massive audiences to theater in its release day,  however, movie was unable to attract audiences in other day. The movie got ‘A’ certificate from Censor Board  because of vulgar words in the movie.

The movie portrays the life of gangsters in our society but, movie contains unrelated/ unexpected content in later half which may disappoints the audiences. First half of the movie goes pretty well in a dynamic way, making people expect more of the climax but the second half is bit confusing, and gets an u-turn of the main plot

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