“Bijuli Machine”, entry of new genre in Nepali Film Industry

Dec 01, 2016

Since few years, we, Nepalese are bound to loadshedding which has became one of our daily routine. Electricity, in today’s era, plays a vital role in our livelihood. It is obvious fact that we are facing different obstacles without electricity. But according to our newly appointed NEA director Kulman Ghising , burden of loadshedding has decreased a lot. Nepali Film Industry has also come up with a new  genre, none other than “Sci-Fi” with movie entitled “BIJULI MACHINE”.

As the title of the movie suggests, it looks forward to account the ongoing issues of loadshedding with different innovative ideas to alleviate it. The movie is set to release on Dec 2, 2016, which will be the first Sci-Fi movie in the history of Nepali film industry.

Director  Navin Awal has set his sight to address this national issue with ideas to minimize and completely abolish it through this movie. The movie features many young artists: Abhishek Subedi, Jeewan Adhikary, , Ashesh Luitel, Jiban Bhattarai, Reliza Shrestha, Rear Rai, Aakash Magar, Abhishesh Nepal, Amrit Babu K.C, Binita Gurung, Ram Babu Regmi, Aashraya Bhattrai, Krishana  Luitel and  Sandip Poudel and some experienced artists like Rajesh Hamal,  Laxmi Bhusal, Buddhi Tamang, Kamal Mani Nepal. So, this combination of young and experienced actors will be a factor to watch in this movie. Superstar Rajesh Hamal appears as a cameo. Santosh Lamichhane is the scientific consultant beside the film.

Bijuli Machine


Trailer of the movie looks highly promising and has been greeted with 30,000 views on the trailer release day and now the number of views have grossed about 1 million on Youtube. Although, the first look of the trailer doesn’t impress much, the adoption of new concept in Nepali movie looks exciting.

Have you watched trailer of Bijuli Machine? If not, you can watch here.

The story outlooks two young students working for their dream project to overcome loadshedding and invent a new technology BIJULI MACHINE which means electricity machine. Unlike other nepali films which mostly focused on negative part of the society (crimes), this movie come up with positive aspects that Nepali youngsters are developing their interest towards emerging technology.

Do you know  Bijuli Machine is the real project completed by K.U. professor Bim Shrestha and his team to produce electricity.

The film production team is promoting the movie in different approach . The movie team is visiting different colleges and conducting interactive programs with all enthusiastic students and conceiving contests on social media. The most prominent way is “Tag and Win” Bijuli Machine Contest on Facebook.

Didn’t you participate in the contest yet? Here is the way, follow the link Bijuli Machine Contest.

Bijuli Machine is the first debut direction movie of director Navin Awal. But, he had directed and scripted the short movie “ONE PERCENT” which is based on the psychological disturbance caused during the “Window Period of HIV transmission”. This movie was screened on “Ekadeshma Film Festival” and also, it was awarded as “The Second Best Film” on Danfe Film Festival, UK.

We are glad to mention that currently, nepali movies like Chakka Panja and Jatra are drawing attention of audience over foreign movies in most theaters and we, at hernajam wishes all the best to Bijuli Machine for its release.

How does Bijuli Machine work in the movie ? Share your opinions with us on comment section below.


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