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Best Frenz Forever

Hernajam Rating:

Rated by "11" people.

More about "Best Frenz Forever"
Directed By :

Utsav Thapaliya

Produced By :

Aarav, Sarikchha Thapa, Sandip Ghimire

Release Dates :

May 27, 2016


Best Frenz Forever is a Nepali love story directed by Utsav Thapaliya starring new faces in the industry:  Saurav Chaudhary, Manish Neupane, Sandip Ghimire, Pinky Sherpa, Sadhana Bhandari, Syaleen Manandhar, Prahik Neupane, Inzamam Ali Khan.

The story portrays different social problems due to poverty and also shows the love relation between poor and rich person.

What Else About "Best Frenz Forever":

“Best Friend Forever” is one of the most popular love story Nepali films of 2016. This film tries to represent various social problems that should face due to poverty. Besides love story, it also tries to show the behaviors of stepmother towards her stepchildren. This film contains emotions, happiness, sadness, struggle and comedy too.

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