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Hernajam Rating:

Rated by "10" people.

More about "Kabaddi"
Directed By :

Ram Babu Gurung

Produced By :

Raunak Bikram Kandel, Nischal Basnet, Sunil Rauniyar

Release Dates :

Apr 25, 2013


Kabaddi is a 2013 Nepali film directed by Ram Babu Gurung.  The movie story revolves around a love triangle among three central characters: Kazi (Dayahang Rai), Maiyaa (Rishma Gurung) and Bibek (Nischal Basnet).

What Else About "Kabaddi":

Kabaddi is a hit movie of the year 2013. This movie won 2 NFDC Awards for Best Director, Best Film (2015).

‘Kabaddi’ is a story of Bir Kaji who lives in a village named Naurikot. All he wants is to get married to his maternal cousin Maiya. However, Maiya is not interested in having any affair with Kaji and she runs away with Bibek to meet her father in Kathmandu.

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