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Hernajam Rating:

Rated by "11" people.

More about "Loot"
Directed By :

Nischal Basnet

Produced By :

Madhav Wagle, Narendra Maharjan

Release Dates :

Jan 13, 2012


Loot  is a 2012 Nepali crime action film written and directed by Nischal Basnet.  The film revolves around contemporary Kathmandu, Nepal where five ordinary guys try to find quick ways to get rich. The movie is about a character named Haku Kale (Saugat Malla) who, along with four others, plots to rob a bank in Kathmandu.

What Else About "Loot":

LOOT is a first movie that turns the romantic love story trend of Nepali Film Industry to crime action genre. It is highly appreciated movie in the history of Nepali movie till now, so audiences are having high expectation from its sequel Loot 2. This movie has smash hit item song Udreko Choli.

The plot of the film is simple enough. It starts off with a very prescribed, almost pedantic, introduction into its five main characters, all of whom are in desperate need of money.  Haku Kale doesn’t want to live his life in poverty. He plans to rob a bank. So, he recruits the other four characters in order to execute the robbery of a bank. But a few days before robbery, Nare tells Khatri his plan to betray others and take their money and split it 50-50. But mastermind Haku Kale has a different plan that makes the climax of the movie extremely breathtaking.

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