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Resham Filili

Hernajam Rating:

Rated by "11" people.

More about "Resham Filili"
Directed By :

Pranab Joshi

Produced By :

V Movies Pictures Pvt. Ltd

Release Dates :

Apr 24, 2015


Resham Filili is a comedy genre Nepali feature Film directed by Pranab Joshi and also written by himself. This movie is produced by V Movies Pictures Pvt. Ltd.

Resham Filili follows the friendship, dreams, hopes and deeds of Resham and Hariya – both whethered by bad luck and misfortunes, must at any cost beat the oddest odds to save their lives from Dorje’s men.

What Else About "Resham Filili":

Resham Filili was released on April 24, 2015, a day before the 2015 Nepal earthquake struck.  As all theaters were closed after earthquake so it was re-released on August 28, 2015. The movie is full of comedy and audience will be fully entertained. It was highly promoted before its release by one of the hit song JAALMA. The movie is based on the fake story.

The plot involves Vinay’s character, Resham boarding the dreamy Qatar plane, intending to roam off there & to make some money too, so that he could have his sister married. But plan fails as he was cheated by the manpower agent and he encounters Hariya (Kameshwor Chaurasiya), who’s just left his village back only to fulfill his dream of working in films as a hero.  Both were trapped in Dorje’s world. And they tried different works to make money and get rid from Dorje.


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